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Alternative Dispute Resolution (Mediation & Arbitration)

Alternative Dispute Resolution Can Save Time and Money

Many construction and business contracts require the parties to participate in alternative dispute resolution (ADR) at various stages including mediation or arbitration as a replacement, or in addition to, going to court.  ADR is often preferred because the disputed matter can be addressed by individuals with particular knowledge in the industry and as a more cost-effective and efficient forum than litigation with swifter results.

At The Law Offices of Thor O. Emblem in San Diego County, California, we not only represent our clients in various stages of alternative dispute resolution, but have served as mediators and arbitrators including many years as a judge pro-tem.
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Whether your dispute can be resolved through alternative dispute resolution or in a court of law, the lawyers at our firm are aggressive advocates for our clients.

  • Many contracts require mediation or arbitration as the first means of resolving a dispute.  Alternative dispute resolution can be more timely with less waiting for court dates.  It can be less costly both in terms of the legal process and decision making.
  • Because we have extensive experience with alternative dispute resolution and litigating cases in court, we can make recommendations to you based on that experience.  How to resolve a dispute needs to be considered on a case-by-case basis.  You will have the benefit of our experience as you decide how to move forward.
  • Having an experienced construction lawyer as an arbitrator means the dispute will be adjudicated by someone who knows the construction industry as well as the law.

Early Mediation Can Help Avoid Litigation.

We are aggressive trial lawyers at our law firm and always advocate in the best interests of our clients.  Early mediation or other forms of alternative dispute resolution may be the most cost efficient manner to resolve your dispute.

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