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Appellate Practice

Our appellate practice is limited to very few cases each year due to the strong focus needed to be successful in a writ or appeal.

Below you can watch a video about a successful writ of habeas corpus that caught the media’s interest because it rectified a grave injustice.  This case earned Tracy and Thor Emblem awards from both the Trial Bar and the Criminal Defense Bar for outstanding advocacy.  The California State Senate also gave them a certificate of recognition for the Emblem’s success in the Marsh Habeas case.

The Law Offices of Thor O. Emblem does writs and appeals in both state and federal courts.  The firm has several published cases to its credit.  Thor has served as appointed counsel on appeal for indigent 9th Circuit appellants and served on the Consumer Attorneys of California Amicus Curiae Committee.

Contact Us

Located in San Diego County, California, our firm serves individuals with tough appeal cases.  We provide our clients with a high level of knowledge and experience in this area.  Contact us to set up a telephone or office consultation to discuss your legal needs.

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