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Labor Issues

Know Your Rights and Obligations Regarding Labor Laws

At The Law Offices of Thor O. Emblem in San Diego County, California, our lawyers understand the impact that labor laws can have on your business.  We help clients deal with labor issues – union and nonunion – while keeping construction projects on track including project labor agreements.

Businesses require professional legal representation to deal with labor unions and labor contracts.  The construction law attorneys at our law firm have extensive experience with labor law and labor issues.  We will help you navigate the laws that apply to the employer-employee relationship.

Labor contracts are drafted by lawyers who understand construction and labor law.  Our lawyers can help you interpret your rights and obligations under these technical contracts.

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Located in San Diego County, California, our firm serves individuals and companies involved in business, construction, manufacturing, real estate transactions and disputes.  Our construction law attorneys provide our clients with a high level of knowledge and experience.  Talk to a lawyer about your rights as well as your obligations to other contractors and suppliers.  Contact us to discuss labor contracts and deal with labor disputes.  We will work with you to keep your project on track and on budget.