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Construction Liens

Attorneys to Guide You Through the Construction Lien Process

When you have performed services or provided materials for a construction project, you expect to be paid.  When you are not paid for your labor or materials, one remedy may be to file a construction lien.

Time is of the essence with non-payment issues and to secure your lien rights.  If you have not been paid for your work on a construction project, you must act quickly because the law imposes time limitations on your rights.  The construction lawyers at The Law Offices of Thor O. Emblem in San Diego County, California work with clients to preserve and enforce construction liens.

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Proper and timely lien documents are essential to an enforceable construction lien.  We help our clients navigate the lien laws and assist in filing serving, and recording construction liens.  Our experienced construction lawyers can work with you to protect your lien rights.

We file and enforce construction liens for a wide range of businesses and individuals involved in construction projects:

  • General contractors
  • Subcontractors
  • Suppliers

At our law firm, we have a well-earned reputation for aggressive advocacy and construction lien knowledge for our clients.  We want you to be paid for the work you performed or the supplies you delivered.

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Located in San Diego County, California, our firm serves individuals and companies involved in business, construction, manufacturing, real estate transactions and disputes.  Our business and construction law attorneys provide our clients with a high level of knowledge and experience.  If you have not been paid on a construction job, please contact us for a phone or office consultation.