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State Public Works Projects

Our Lawyers Know the Rules for State Projects

State-funded construction projects are specified and regulated. As a contractor, you know how to build a road or a building, but complying with the applicable specifications and regulations built into every state-funded project can be a challenge.

At The Law Offices of Thor O. Emblem in San Diego County, California, our attorneys have extensive experience guiding clients through the legal paperwork and performance of state-funded projects.

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If you are the prime contractor, a subcontractor or a supplier for a state-funded project, you need to know your rights and your obligations under the law. Similar to the federal Miller Act, the state of California has Public Contract Legislation that requires performance bonds and payment bonds for most public projects.

  • If you are pursuing a contract for road construction, highway construction, bridge construction, university construction, schools courthouses, or construction for any state-funded project, make sure you understand all the requirements of a state construction contract.
  • On certain state-funded projects, contractors are required to pay laborers the prevailing wage. Our construction attorneys advise clients regarding those and other mandated obligations.
Helping Construction Companies Stay in Compliance with the Law.

Legal compliance with state-funded projects can be confusing. There are many requirements, and those requirements change. Our law firm stays current with legal requirements so that we can advise our clients and help them stay in compliance.

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